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Acorn EnviroComply offers flat rate professionally produced Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) that meet EPA, TCEQ, and local regulations. We provide resources to guide your project from Notice of Intent to Notice of Termination, helping clients stay in compliance.

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E- Construction SWPPP

Electronic Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans meet EPA and TCEQ construction permit requirements while offering easy access for engineers, general contractor and in-field inspectors.

Temporary Batch Plant SWPPP

Permitting through the TCEQ STEERS site can be a bit of a hassel. Acorn EnviroComply streamlines the process so you can focus on building while staying complaint.

Compliance Audit

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans are living documents. Our staff will review SWPPPs, note areas of non-compliance and .at your request, update your old SWPPPs to get the construction site into compliance.

Post Construction Owner Kit

Stormwater compliance doesn't stop after construction ends. TCEQ requires structural and nonstructural post construction best managment practies (BMPs) for most sites. Acorn EnviroComply builds quick and easy maintenance schedules, inspections forms and municipal documentation specific to your site.

SWPPP Data Collection

With the constant changes and mandates for SWPPPs, collecting all required data can be a burden. Our staff is up to date with the latest local, state and federal requirements and can provide current SWPPP documentation to clients. This service is reserved for contracting and engineering firms that require a minimum of 5 data reports.

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About US

Acorn EnviroComply LLC is a stormwater consulting firm focused on SWPPP development and NPDES/TPDES permitting. We streamline the development process, provide compliance resources and offer technical services to a range of public and private customers in the North Central Texas area.

Past Municipal Stormwater Staff

CESSWI - Certified Erosion and Sediment

CFM - Certified Floodplain Manager

Experience with Local Government Organizations


1. Yes if, the site disturbs over 1 acre of land.
2. Yes if, the site is less than an acre and part of a Common Plan of Development.

1. It is required by law – The EPA and TCEQ require the implementation of a SWPPP before filing for a permit or the start of construction.  To meet this requirement most local governments will require contractors and developers to submit a SWPPP
before they will issue a development permit.

2. It’s good for business – Not having a SWPPP prepared will delay the approval of your development permit. If you decide to start construction without a SWPPP, local governments can issue fines and stop all works on your project until the site comes into compliance.

Yes. The EPA and TCEQ provide free SWPPP Templates.

If you answer No to any of the following…. Probably Not.

1. Can you prepare your SWPPP in accordance with good engineering practices?
2. Do you have knowledge in the principles and practice of erosion and sediment controls and pollution prevention?
3. Have you read and fully understand the requirements of the TCEQ Construction General Permit?
4. Do you know how to gather the appropriate environmental assessment documents that are required for each SWPPP?
5. Are you aware that a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) is a binding agreement and if it is not developed properly can lead to costly fees and fines?

Professionals with good engineering practices (engineers, biologists, hydrologist, stormwater management personnel).  Acorn EnvironComply staff are certified by EnviroCert and have over a decade in stormwater experience specifically with municipal goverment agencies.

1. If the site disturbs over 5 acres, including offsite storage or stockpiling.
2. If the site disturbs under 5 acres of land BUT is part of a common plan of development that disturbs over 5 acres.

1. Download the How To Open a STEERS account here.
2. Open your STEERS account here.
3. SAVE your login information. Only the person who opened the STEERS account can reactive or login to the account. You will need this information to file your NOT.

“Common Plan of Development”

A construction activity is part of a larger common plan of development if it is completed in one or more of the following ways:

  • in separate stages
  • in separate phases
  • in combination with other construction activities

It is identified by the documentation that identifies the scope of the project including such things as the following:

  • plats
  • blueprints
  • marketing plans
  • contracts
  • building permits
  • public notice or hearing
  • zoning requests

It can include one operator or many operators.

Example: A subdivision is being built. You are grading 0.75 acres, another company is clearing 4 different acres, and a contractor is excavating another 0.5 acres. In this case, the total area that would be disturbed is 5.25 acres, so each operator would fall under the requirements associated with disturbing 5 or more acres.

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